Maple Apple Breakfast Sandwich


bagel4Deliciously sweet and savoury this apple horned sandwich was a hit with the kids and on Twitter. So, I have decided to share it with you. Yes its full of store-bought stuff but hey, we all need to save time and still eat delightful foods!

The story, last Sunday I was somewhat (very) sleep deprived after being up with a child with a disgustingly runny nose all night. I was irritable and for some reason I was annoyed that yet again they wanted cereal from a box for breakfast. Seriously, I am wide awake in the morning and that is when I have the most energy to cater to them, please at least make it interesting. So I tried to sell them on brunch…. I won when I said Tofurky and cream cheese!


So I had to think quick, although they would like plain tofurky with soy cream cheese, it seemed too boring for a brunch…. then I remembered the fresh apples from the fall harvest that was underway, and that apples are delicious with maple syrup (Thank you lifetime Sugar Shack trips). These pan seared maple apples are really good with brie and almonds but 1) not dairy-free, 2) my kids do not like almonds. I wanted something fresh to top it off so a juicy beefsteak tomato and some fresh basil made a delightful cool addition to the hot sandwich.





Fresh from the oven bagels, local maple syrup, local apples fresh from the tree, tomatoes from the rooftop farm, basil from the backyard. It doesn’t get better than this.




Maple Apple Breakfast Bagels

Serves: 2 (double recipe to feed the whole family)     Prep time: 5min    Cook time: 15 min


2 Montreal style bagels
4 Regular tofurky slices (or other veggie sandwich slices)
1 apple
1 beefsteak tomato
2-3 tsp maple syrup
1 tbsp butter-like spread (I used Earth Balance)
3-4 tbsp “cream cheese” spread (I use Tofutti)
4 fresh basil leaves, chopped (optional)

1.Cut bagels and set aside.
2. Cut apples into rings (core apple first if you don’t have a sharp enough knife to cut through the core) keep the top to cut into quarters for the horns!
3. Slice tomato into 4 thick slices

4. Melt buttery spread in frying pan over medium heat, when melted, add the maple syrup. Keep both syrup and butter out you may need more. add the apples to the pan, when they have softened and started to get a golden yet transparent hue take out and set aside, add the tofurky, warm the tofurky in the butter and maple syrup (add more if needed) set aside (this takes seconds watch carefully or you will turn it into weird chewy jerky like things), now add the bagels, cut side down to the pan to toast them (again adding more spread if needed)


1. Spread cream cheese on all cut surfaces of bagel
2. On one side add half the apples, then half the tofurkey, the  2 tomato slices and basil
3.Close bagel, insert 4 toothpicks and cut in half, top the toothpicks with the quartered apple “horns”



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