The world today is suffering

Yesterday (October 22nd, 2014)  was a sad day, it was pretty intense too lots of things happened in my life, my country and the big world around me.

Our day started out innocently enough, a late morning because we were going to the pediatricians for their 4 year old check up, we got snacks at the ‘banana store’  (their name for  a local health food store). My son chose a pear and my daughter chose dried mangos.  I would have gotten them anything and both chose fruit. Maybe they knew pediatricians care what you eat. We walked there and back and generally had a nice morning. Everyone is healthy and I have the new Epi-Pen so feel less like a delinquent mom with an expired one! I loaded everyone into the car to head to their dads and on way I notice the tone on the radio had shifted, I realize they are talking about soldiers, and a shooter, and parliament. I listened intently then did what any self respecting member of my generation does, checked facebook and twitter as soon as I got to my destination. I had a hard time believing that so close to home something like this had happened. Somewhere where many people I know live. Somewhere I can drive to in a morning on whim. This was not OK. I had a lunch after this where the news was slowly spreading, speculations and wild stories abounded all day. After contacting friends and loved ones and being reassured they were all fine I had to get back to my day.  I am taking a break from the news until tomorrow. Later facebook brought my attention to this, more tradegy, much farther from home. But as a mother….. or a human….. just wow. These are just the stories that dominated my media experience today. Imagine what else has transpired.

My heart goes out to the families of todays and everydays victims of irrational violence.

The world today is suffering.


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