A day in the city. Or Molly’s first day with the Tabah’s

IMG_7908Molly’s Version: Today I spent my first day in my new home. Its kinda loud here, even when IMG_7914the kids aren’t home but I am slowly figuring out what all the noises are. and DOGS! and PEOPLE! and SQUIRRELS! but the people don’t always want to say Hi and the big dogs want me to play with them. The pet store and vet people are very nice though! I didnt so much like the goo thats supposed to “protect” me from something called a tick. I am tired since we walked the human puppies to school, then we went to the dog park then we went out again after a nice midday nap to the stores and I got a new bed! I met a baby, some nice small dogs and I met 2 other matching human puppies aIMG_7921nd the other human puppies all LOVED me.   The downside to my day was when Alpha took the human puppies for dinner and I had to chill alone in the crate :/ but they came back!

Humans version: We had such a fun first day with Molly but boy was it busy. She learned (fairly well) to walk on a leash beside or behind the leash holder, this is amazing! She still pulls a fair bit though and I worry she is putting too much pressure on her joints when she does that so I ordered her a special harness that doesnt allow a dog to pull, its made by the same company that made the gentle leaders that we used in puppy training for guide dogs so its very reassuring to me that they have now made harnesses! We went twice to the dog run, we will keep going back as she is very happy to go in but if too many large dogs come running she looks to me for protection/comfort but she doesnt ask to leave, or otherwise show strong discomfort I think its just getting used to the dogs. there is also a special area just for small dogs, but there were no small dogs there today 😦 though we met ChloeIMG_7910, the dog next door that I haven’t met in all the years I live here. Molly is tired from her day and has discovered the comfort of the bed. I am hoping I can face the whimpers and crate train her soon but for now we are all happier and more rested with her co-sleeping. When the twins had their bath she was scratching her ear and I caught a great picture that looks like “awww please no bath, I am not that dirty”. Having Molly here has brought so much joy into the house, I have joked that she has a secret identity and her super power is transfering psychotropics to the environment around her. Agent Prozac. She did well in the crate when we left, though any noise she thinks is us returning so that I think will take some time for her to understand the different sounds that come from the hallway.

**Blog Followers: welcome to a new section of this blog. the adventures of Mini Poodle Molly who just joined our family. These posts will not have recipes and are a nice way for my friends and family as well as the wonderful family who allowed us to adopt Molly to follow her adaptation and growth! I hope you enjoy her and my rantings as much as we enjoy each other!


One thought on “A day in the city. Or Molly’s first day with the Tabah’s”

  1. Hi! I’m Molly’s previous ‘Human Mama’. I want to thank Sarah for being so open and generous to share Molly’s new life with us here in this blog. We are so much happier just knowing what she is up to. Thank you so much Sarah and kids!


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