Molly makes friends, and shows her empathic side. 

 In the past couple days we have been visiting the dog park. Each time we go Molly gets more and more enthusiastic about it. But doesn’t really like the skateboarders. She got lucky Sunday night when the small dog park was full of small dogs.

 She had a great time.

Today I started trying to extend the amount of time I left her crated. But then my son had a horrible fall that sent us to the emergency room and forced me to crate her in a panic and leave. She clearly understood something was wrong. She just looked at us as I ran around grabbing things she didn’t whine or cry or bark (no clue however if she did while we say in emergency.  I don’t know what Molly would say about the last couple days but I have to say I am so grateful to have her in my life. Her 6:30am kisses are my absolute favourite.

Molly was a champion and when we got home she licked us like she had not seen us in a week and was very happy to have a chance to go pee before curling up to sleep!


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