What I like. What I hate. By Molly

I fit well in my new home, like its members I have strong feelings about things. Alpha Mommy strongly believes that I should stay in my crate when she leaves the house and that the human puppies have to eat at the table (I like this, it means crumbs fall right into my waiting mouth). Boy puppy believes he absolutely has to watch Wild Kratts every morning and Girl puppy believes I belong exclusively to her.

So what about me, Molly?

Things I hate:

  1. Sewer and manhole covers
  2. Transparent food bowls.
  3. Wet grass
  4. Being alone
  5. Dog toys

Things I like:

  1. Having a spot on the couch
  2. Sleeping with Alpha
  3. Running
  4. Licking
  5. Dirty laundry

2 thoughts on “What I like. What I hate. By Molly”

  1. Hi Molly! It’s me, Kay. Do you remember me? I’m the one you lived with since last September! Today I went to see your sister Missy. I took her for a looooong walk all over the place – for 2 hours! Missy told me that she’s fine but that she’s worried because her new Alpha (Dianne) says that Missy cries too much when she leaves the apartment and that this makes the other 2 dogs cry too! She also worries because if the new tenants moving in complain, then she won’t know what to do. We offered to take Missy back but she said no – for now. I guess I have to learn how to stop crying and barking when Dianne leaves but I can’t help it!


    1. Sorry Missy is having a rough time 😦 Molly is very influenced by other dogs behaviour , I wouldn’t be surprised if Missy wasn’t whining also because the others join in. Maybe if they try leaving her alone and really alone? Molly only whined the first time I left now she is general really good about it. I think I proved to her I come home. Molly is getting a bath and a haircut tomorrow ( she rolled in something “yummy” at the park) so we will post some pics for sure 🙂 and she definitely remembers you! Perhaps we will come for ice cream one evening if It ever warms up and can take a stroll through the village. Molly says: “or a run. I like to run. And I love chasing birds. Can we chase birds?”


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