Molly gets a haircut and other stories 

IMG_8075Molly’s version: dog run = awesome;  Walks = awesome; running = the bomb but the humans are slow; haircuts = not bad but really? Why did they make me smell so bad? I had rolled in all these beautiful smells just the day before! New purple collar = pretty but I’m not a huge fan of my tags around my neck. I’m really good now at staying alone. But I still like to eat a face or two when the humans return. I do believe girl puppy thinks I am a doll however. I need to establish that this is not the case, however I am not sure I am quite large enough to assert my authority over her… IMG_8118

Human version: Molly has had a really great couple days her personality is shining through. Eating really well now she has lots of energy and runs Fast. Particularly if it’s to catch a pigeon. She never ceases to amaze me with what she can do. One thing I’ve discovered though is she has no idea how to entertain herself. So will be working on that so that when I’m cooking dinner she isn’t prowling around putting Lego in her mouth.  Or eating dirty laundry. I am so proud of her for the groomer. IMG_8100She was a champ. We had her professionally groomed short for the summer she definitely looks like a poodle now. Today no one stopped to ask “what is she” all stopped and said “what an adorable poodle” I think because you can see the pointy poodle muzzle better with a short cut.  I can’t thank her previous owners enough for raising such an amazing puppy. Yesterday I was exhausted. So tired I fell asleep at 4 pm on the couch. She slept with me. On my stomach. Was such a pleasant nap. She now only barks or whines to communicate or if startled which is so nice. We are out often so she hasn’t had to bark to go out but fairly sure she would. And she whines/talks to wake up girl puppy who sleeps later than Molly and boy  puppy. This I find adorable and since she doesn’t protest if I take her out of the room it doesn’t bother us at all. Only hiccup has been her appreciation of gourmet cat poop.  We also got her a new harness, but she likes to chew it, so her tags are now on a collar and the harness is just for walks. I just have to learn not to lose the leash. IMG_8120Making puppy dog eyes, for some dog treats during fetch training.


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