The many laps of Molly 

  Molly: Being only 10lbs I am naturally a perfect lapdog. I can even curl up into the smallest human lap here. I don’t understand why when I climb in and get settled the human has to do something. It tough having to get comfortable again. The other upside is I can climb into their lap at the dog run and the snappy little dogs can’t get me. I much prefer the big dogs. But sometimes, just when i want to play they jump on the picnic table. I can’t get up. It’s not fair. I also met my vet, he was really nice and gave me treats. I didn’t get to sit in his lap.   

 Human: we’ve had an amazing week! Molly is the best cuddle buddy especially when you need a nap. Though we’ve had to negotiate bed space.  

 For some reason a 10lb dog takes up a lot of room. She also discovered the lake. She didn’t swim but I don’t blame her, it was cold. I didn’t go in either. But she got her feet wet.  



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