When life hands you lemons…..chew the heck out of them 

  Molly: my humans all seem a little stressed these days. Only the little boy seems to have understood how good it feels to chew something. I wish I could teach the rest of them. I like to snuggle with them to make them feel better too. Apparently I am not allowed to chew the best things though. I keep having the Lego, paper and plastic taken away from me. When will dog toy manufactures understand that there is no satisfaction toys if you can’t destroy them? I would also like to convey as a PSA I do not like having my sleep disturbed after 8 pm unless you are offering a trip outside, and even then if I could hold it I would pass on this offer, do not disturb my slumber. 

I’m a pretty popular pooch around here (cuteness and all) but for some reason the humans don’t appreciate it when I bark at them on my walks. I made new friends this week though. I went to “daycare” since boy puppy needed surgery and I met some pretty crazy dogs but some Nice ones too and I got to hang out with the humans. 

  Then yesterday they opened the big hospital and 10,000 people walked past us. I was so glad no skateboards were on the walk. We practiced giving 5. I am not sure why the humans like to hold my paw but it gets me treats and peanut butter so I’m not complaining. I’m getting really good at stay and come when treats are involved. Not very fun when there aren’t  any offered. 
The best: belly rubs 



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