Molly likes it when I cook

Molly is like a miniature hoover, right at my feet anytime I cook to catch any scraps that may fall in the process (its amazing how fast she learned I am a messy cook!) She is quite the food loving dog and I am fairly sure she is packing on the pounds despite getting a good amount of daily exercise but if I feed her any less I am afraid she might start eating the walls!

IMG_0166 She adores going for her walks, loves the dog run but also loves leaving the dog run, she does not like being sprayed with the hose. The kids love it however so she will have to learn that getting a little wet is not the end of the world or she will have to learn to hide when the sprinkler is on.

  I have been trying to encourage her to come up and down our back stairs since discovering her on someone else balcony the other day!! so she can climb them, she chooses not to….. so far though, no real luck with ours. In fact all stairs seem to cause a severe case of lazy dog syndrome. Doesn’t matter what the reward is at the top she won’t climb more than 1-3 steps. 


In other news, Molly has a boyfriend named Simba, a white/apricot mini poodle. She also has a puppy friend whose name I have forgotten but whose breed is so unique I will never forget it, a “Gany” or Ganaraskan. Not officially recognized this mix breed is really really cute!



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