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I am a single working mom of twins. As a clinical manager in readaptation for individuals with autism, intellectual impairments and severe problematic behaviour, I shouldn’t have time to cook let alone blog about my cooking. However, I love to cook and bake so I have found time efficient ways to make deliciously healthy foods for my kids, allergy and intolerance and all.

I have been vegetarian since my teens, so my children were born to a vegetarian mother into a vegetarian lifestyle. We discovered shortly after her birth that my daughter has a complete lactose intolerance. After falsely believing she outgrew it, I let her eat and drink dairy for almost 2 years, but half what my son had, she drank soy at home and dairy at daycare for example. At 3.5 we ended up in emergency, she was incredibly constipated, in the past I had associated constipation with dairy consumption for her and the doctor suggested that during her laxative treatment, we cut out dairy. following a 2 week period dairy free, I introduced dairy and all her symptoms (gas, pain, stool issues) came back we saw the pediatrician and he diagnosed the lactase difficiency and we eliminated all dairy except butter, then eventually it seemed even butter triggered symptoms so we went 100% dairy free for her.  My son is a boy (obviously) and has all the energy that fits the gender stereotype, when he eats crap, he acts like crap.  I recently was hospitalized with pericardial effusion, possibly due to a virus that set in  there during a particularly stressful period in my life; the break up of an engagement.

I have always cooked for my kids but following this breakup I also was awarded new (wonderful but challenging) responsibilities at work. I became stressed, anxious and stretched thin, our eating habits suddenly became very processed food heavy and it seems that everyone’s health suffered. Part of this blogging experience is my journey back to health and healing and hopefully the discovery of a diet that doesn’t turn my daughters stomach in knots or turn my active son into a raging ball of anger!

The other part is that other parents often ask for ideas and tips for healthy food their kids will actually eat. How to feed kids is not an easy question to answer.  My kids have been eating a homemade veg*n diet since birth, their palate and the meals I serve are broad. This is my answer to those requests!



I hope you enjoy our food as much as climbing a ladder to pick fresh from the tree apples! (or my morning coffee)

Sarah and the twins.

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Working mom cooking healthy and mostly vegan for rambunctious young children. Pre-school twins to be precise!

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