Feeding children is probably one of life’s most complex, challenging and gut wrenching tasks. When a child has special dietary needs its becomes even more challenging. To make it easier I will share kid tested healthy meals for all ages.

It is possible to raise healthy vibrant kids on a plant-based diet. or in our case a kosher, ovo-vegetarian, but mostly plant-based vegan diet. One of the keys to being a working parent and feeding kids home cooked food is having foods that stay well in the fridge or freezer and foods that are adaptable to be served in many different variations and temperatures. The other is a blender.

For those of you worried that you just don’t have the skills, equipment or the time: My organizational skills do not extend to the kitchen (or maybe they do if you have ever seen my office, you will understand my kitchen). When I had my kids, my definition of cooking for myself was microwaving egg whites, salads and frozen meals. Skills were not something I had many of when it came to cooking. I learned as my kids learned to eat. I started by following recipes but I am way too hyperactive and impatient for that. As for equipment, I have a well equipped but small kitchen now but when I started, I had a almost nothing. no blender, no electric mixer, I had a 50 year old cuisinart that was too heavy to bother using and lots of manual tools. The potato masher and whisk and I were good friends.

Much of my cooking is “a little bit of this, a lot of that, oh that looks yummy let’s try that”. So it doesn’t matter if I have exactly what a recipe calls for. Do not be afraid to experiment, its amazing what you get when you do!

IMG_4193[1]My goal is to post every 2-3 days, Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday.


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Working mom cooking healthy and mostly vegan for rambunctious young children. Pre-school twins to be precise!

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