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Lentil Tomato Soup – “soup for all my friends”

lentilsoup4A couple of weeks ago my son started begging for soup, why in the heat wave we were in he wanted soup is beyond me. I finally had time to make this soup just in time for a sabbath dinner, and he couldn’t have been happier, especially since that day he came home from daycare proudly informing me I would be making soup for all his friends. Oh really? Little does this little man know but I actually have a recipe for this soup that serve his entire class. Continue reading Lentil Tomato Soup – “soup for all my friends”



Secret ingredient challenge.

(Think mystery baskets from Chopped)

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Image from food network

So here is how it works:

1. Like Twins from Scratch on Facebook or follow on Twitter.
2. Share a post or recipe from the blog on social media of your choice (don’t forget to tag us)
comment here, or on the contest post on Facebook with an ingredient that you would love your kids (or you) to enjoy.  I will send you a kid tested vegetarian recipe with that ingredient and should I not have one: I will make, test, blog and name that recipe after you!

Contest open from today until Sept 12th.


Be sure to mention any special dietary needs so that you get a tailored recipe! And try not to make it so obscure I cannot find the ingredient, I do have twins to take with me shopping…

Winning Recipe!