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Strawberry Heaven (Vegan Yogurt-Pudding)

I love berries. Summer is ending and I will seriously miss the fresh local berries. Continue reading Strawberry Heaven (Vegan Yogurt-Pudding)


Not-a-Pasta and Sauce in under 20min


I am still in love with my spiralizer and I needed to try this new zucchini pasta thing everyone seems to be eating. How on earth can a vegetable compare to semolina pasta? I should add the disclaimer that pasta is not one of my preferred foods, so feel free to discredit my review based on this. Zucchini really does make a good pasta, it fooled no one, but it didn’t elicit the “I do not like this mommy” or the more typical “I SAID I wanted PASTA, not this” or worse the picking of food out of a dish and dumping on table (really?!) Continue reading Not-a-Pasta and Sauce in under 20min

Pizza Fajita Sandwich, and the beauty of quick to cook dishes.


I was going to call these fajitas, but my children won the naming war. Son said “its pizza wraps!” My daughter said “its a sandwich”. It is most accurately a soft taco or burrito and fajita hybrid. Regardless, they were good, and super quick and easy to make.

Inspired by a twitter channel on vegan tacos, I made this simple (and not totally from scratch) meal in fairly short order after getting home from daycare at 5:30. I would say from start to finish these took 45min, most of that being time spent debating what exactly I was making (I started out with the idea of a stir fry with kale… then decided I wasn’t up for a battle with green-fleckaphobia).

Since I am often alone at meal prep time, its important to me to have a repertoire of dishes that I can throw together quickly. And the ingredients and equipment to do so. the food processor saves me so much time in prep when I can use it. I keep at least 1 can of every type of bean in the house and I keep a ton of spices, flours, etc. I do not normally have taco seasoning, but I make my own which allows me to control spice level for my kids. I keep canned no-salt added tomatoes and I try to always have onions, carrots, and peppers in my fridge as this allows for a quick and easy stir fry, soup, chili without having to take hungry kids to a grocery store. I mentioned in another post why I have no problem with canned legumes and tomatoes.  I do use fresh tomatoes when I have them,  like this recipe but the tomatoes here could probably easily be replaced with a cup or so of canned diced or pureed tomatoes


Kids can cook too: We had SO MUCH FUN with these. My daughter helped stir fry the veggies, and my son helped stir the beans. They chose what they wanted except everyone had to have beans. It made me smile to see them scarf down this really healthy meal. So well in fact that I have no pictures of the finished product. I loved Taco night as a kid, I hope my kids like Pizza Fajita Sandwich night just as much!

Serves: 4                                      Prep time:15 min                             Cook time: 20min


3 peppers (I used 1 green, 1 yellow, 1/2 orange and 1/2 red), sliced or chopped
1 sweet onion chopped
1/2 head cauliflower dash of herbamare or salt
1-2 tsp olive oil

1 can no-salt added black beans, drained and rinsed
2 Italian (Roma) tomatoes
1 clove garlic
taco seasoning (about 1 tbsp)


4 large or 8 small Whole wheat or other tortillas (we had whole wheat and Kamut to choose from)
non-dairy sour cream (we like and honestly can only find the Toffuti brand)
salsa (diced fresh tomatoes if your kids are the spice-free kind)
non-dairy cheese (I made this soy cheese)




Start by sauteing the onion in the olive oil, over medium heat when softened add the other veggies and saute until tender.

while they are cooking, roughly puree the garlic and tomatoes together (I do this in the single serve size of my Ninja Blender), it will make a disturbingly frothy pink mixture, this is OK. put the beans and this mixture in a small pot over medium heat, when hot add the taco seasoning and stir. the mixture will seem soupy but will  thicken up as it cooks.

Assemble at table with the toppings and enjoy!

Leftovers: The leftovers keep well in the fridge for up to a week. I have not tried freezing this but my guess would be if you put the veggies through a quick pulse in the food processor and then assemble them into burritos you could freeze.

Lentil Salad For Monkeys

lentil heart 2

Lentils. cooked from dry these little nutritional powerhouses make a great base for a salad. but if you are stuck for time you can also buy in a can. it will not give the same kid friendly texture but will be good all the same. Legumes in general to be honest I generally do buy in a can (the no salt added variety) and when they happen to be available, without BPA in the lining of the can, but not always since, what he says. But lentils, I like to cook from dry, I have more control over the texture Continue reading Lentil Salad For Monkeys