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Molly in the rain

is such a saucy fella. ..

Actually no. She hates the rain. I think she is working on becoming a camel because she has decided it is not a good day to go pee. Thankfully aside from today, it’s been quite nice out and Molly has been having a blast chasing cats, squirrels and scents. 

“Bird! *cough* *hack* Bird”

Pigeons are her absolute favourite. They are practically her size which makes it hilarious. They also are tricky little fellows, they pretend they don’t see her until she gets real close so she thinks there is hope then they take off and she is left circling and barking. 

That’s not Molly. That’s a black sheep. People like to call her a little sheep. I took this picture to show that she doesn’t look like a sheep and seem to have proved myself wrong. 

She watched a squirrel bury his stash for days. Then one day I go out to find her digging up the poor guys goodies. Note to squirrels out there: lawns run by dogs make bad hiding places. 

The best part of having Molly is that when she isn’t terrorizing local wildlife and pets she is keeping a watchful eyes on the hairless puppies, making sure they don’t run too far ahead, drown in the bathtub, play with sticks without her, scream too loud at the park, or swim too far from shore. 

And when she can’t do these things she sleeps. In some pretty funny ways. Current favourite is this muzzle down behind my back and the has to be uncomfortable picture frame for a pillow. 

Overall she is a wonderful dog and we are so happy to have her to spend our days with.