Molly Visits the Country (and the Hermit Cookie recipe link!)


IMG_7949 Molly’s Version: The human puppies are a lot of fun but the don’t like to sleep anywhere near as much as I do. I think I have to teach them the joys of a good dog-nap.IMG_7930 We went to this giant house with so much grass and flowers and smells and the best part: PEOPLE! I learned that even if Alpha mommy isnt on the same floor as me or home at all I can still play (I discovered “playing house” in tents with the human puppies) and eventually she comes back. I heard there is a lake, and someone told on me that poodles are actually quite strong swimmers, but it thundered so we didn’t have to go down!
Human Version: Molly seemed to love the car ride, she got to sleep which with 2 active children is not an easy feat! I wasn’t sure if I should let her off lead at the cottage or not so we tested it out and she actually did pretty well, the only thing is she is such a people dog that she will follow anyone looking for some cuddles, She stayed on the property but its a large property so sometimes that meant she would get out of eyeshot, so we are digging up the old stake from Molly (the springer) and Mustache, so that MollyIMG_7953 (the poodle) can be out with us and stay safe too when we are working or otherwise occupied and can’t follow her around. She inherited a few dog bowls and other paraphenalia from Mustache and then we dropped the kids off at their other grandparents and Molly met “Crazy Daisy” a very excitable cocker spaniel. They got along really well, and played in Daisy’s yard. The kids just can’t get enough of Molly and were sad she couldnt stay at “Mammies” with them. We didn’t do much training except come, as that was pretty important in the country. We did get a lot of opportunities to tackle stairs and it seems her solution is to go as fast as possible up or down them which is adorable. and She is FAST when she runs she runs at full tilt and is a good workout to try to keep up! for a little dog she has a mean stride!

  IMG_7956You can really see how small she is here beside the forget-me-nots!

Hermit Cookies

Since Molly has joined us we have been eating some delicious dishes that I cannot wait to share with you.  first, the cookies that I will forever associate with Molly:

I modified this recipe slightly as I only had medjool dates and chopping them for cookies wasn’t working so well so I did 1/3 cup dates, 1/3 cup dried apricots and 1/3 cup raisins. and we used pecans due to a walnut allergy in the house. I used real butter in this recipe as we are testing the lactose/dairy intolerance but I am fairly sure it would work well with a vegetable shortening (I find the margarine’s like Earth Balance don’t quite impart the necessary texture and have better luck with shortening)


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